Value Dental Centres is a proud

supporter of local charities

Value Dental Centres and charitable contributions  

Value Dental Centres is a proud supporter of local charities. We have committed to donating $40,000 annually to assist the great work these charities do to support everyday Aussies.

The purpose of Value Dental Centres at its core is to provide high quality healthcare at affordable prices, making procedures such as implants and crowns, more affordable to everyday Australians.  Beyond the high quality, low cost treatment we provide in clinic, we are committed to contibuting regularly to charitable efforts to help support Australians that are struggling in many areas.  

At Value Dental Centres, our core business provides major dental services, however the philosophy of our founders extends beyond just the dental treatment that we can offer in our clinics, with a goal to have a hand in improving general healthcare outcomes within our communities.  While there are areas that we can be directly useful in, we also recognise that a lot of Australians have other health and wellbeing struggles that we can’t directly help with.  In some of these areas, such as mental health, substance abuse and lack of resources, we have committed to supporting other organisations that are much better equipped to help in these areas, through donations. 

Our membership program at Value Dental Centres, which help us to be able to provide our services at such low costs, provides us with an opportunity to support these charities.  We have committed to use part of the proceeds of our membership fee, to donate $40,000 annually to charities whose work aligns with our community goals. 

Thank you so much to all our members for your continued support!!  It means the world to us, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to the community for years to come.