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Dental crowns are required when a tooth has cracks or has lost a large amount of healthy tooth. They’re also generally recommended following root canal treatment. A dental crown can be thought of as a cap or covering that encloses a tooth thereby prolonging the life of the tooth.

Here at Value Dental Centres, we charge $799 for a crown on a back tooth and $999 for a crown on a front tooth. That’s it! There is no catch. Most other dental surgeries will charge between $1500 and $2200 for the same treatment. We’re able to reduce the price significantly as we only focus on certain treatments, and we have invested in CAD CAM technology which allows us to manufacture these crowns within our own premises allowing further cost savings. Typically, the process will take 2 hours of your time from start to finish and you will have your crown placed on the same day saving the need for multiple visits. You can also watch your own crown being made!

A dental bridge is similar to a crown.  It involves the preparation of usually two teeth in the same way we would for a single crown, however the crowns are joined together with an extra crown which replaces the missing tooth or teeth.  At Value Dental Centres, we can provide a 3 unit bridge to replace a missing tooth for just $2599 for a back tooth and just $2999 for a front tooth.  In most general dental surgeries replacing a missing tooth with a bridge would typically cost you between $4500 and $6000. Click here for more information on dental bridges.

Occasionally, we may have to send some of our front tooth crowns or bridges to our local laboratory to produce the crown. While other practices may send this work to an overseas laboratory to reduce cost, please rest assured our laboratory is Australian based and only uses quality, verified and safe materials to construct your crown or bridge.

On top of their functional use to protect teeth, crowns or bridges can also be used to improve your smile.  Click here for more information on cosmetic smile improvements.


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