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Most Affordable Porcelain Crowns in Australia

At Value Dental Centres, we only deliver three treatments: crowns, implants and wisdom teeth. By running a streamlined operation dedicated to only these services, we keep our costs low. Usually, the construction of crowns is outsourced to local or overseas dental labs, however we have invested in market-leading technology which means we can produce high-quality crowns in-house and ultimately pass on those savings to you. Prices are fixed with no hidden costs.

Do I need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are required when a tooth has cracks or has lost a large amount of healthy tooth. Many dentists also recommend getting a crown after root canal treatment. Dental crowns can be thought of as a ‘cap’ that covers all the visible surfaces of a tooth, providing strength and durability and thereby prolonging the life of the tooth.

Here at Value Dental Centres, we charge $899 for a dental crown on a back tooth and $999 for a dental crown on a front tooth. That’s it! There is no catch. Most other dental surgeries tooth crowns costs between $1700 and $2200 for the same treatment. We’re able to reduce the price significantly and make these crowns affordable, as we only focus on certain treatments and have invested heavily in CAD CAM technology, which allows us to manufacture these crowns within our own premises allowing further cost savings.

Typically, the process to crown the tooth will take about 2 hours of your time from start to finish and you will have your tooth crown placed on the same day, saving the need for multiple visits. You can also watch your own crown being made! If you have an old dental crown tooth which is a little worse for wear, we can usually replace these with a fresh natural-looking crown as well.  Dental crowns will typically last a lot longer than fillings, and will provide better protection for the tooth.


Dental Crown Pricing

What’s the difference between a crown and a bridge?

A dental bridge is similar to a dental crown.  It involves the preparation of usually two teeth in the same way we would for a single tooth crown, however the crowns are joined together with an extra ‘floating’ crown which replaces the missing tooth or teeth.  At Value Dental Centres, we can provide a 3 unit bridge to replace a missing tooth for just $2799 for a back tooth and just $2999 for a front tooth.  In most general dental surgeries replacing a missing tooth with a bridge would typically cost you between $4500 and $6000. 

Occasionally, we may have to send some of our crowns or bridges to our local laboratory to manufacture. While other practices may send this work to an overseas laboratory to reduce cost, our laboratory is Australian-based and only uses quality, TGA verified and safe materials to construct your crown or bridge.

Your Next Crown in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Click the ‘Book Now’ button and fill out the details form. Our friendly staff will be in contact with you to discuss your needs and arrange an appointment.

Step 2:

Come into one of our 3 locations and meet your dentist. Once you’re fully numbed, we can start preparing that tooth for the crown.

Step 3:

The dentist will take a digital scan or ‘impression’ of your teeth. From there we either send it to an external lab or mill in-house. You can even watch your crown being made from reception!

Step 4:

Test the crown to check it’s a perfect fit and permanently cement it in. All you have to do now is avoid chewing on it for a few hours but then use it just like any other tooth, simple!

“The Best Crown They’ve Ever Seen”


Kerri is a hairdresser. How she looks is not just about vanity, but it is an important part of her work and as a huge impact on her confidence and happiness.

She hated her teeth due to crowding and discolouration and and just wanted them fixed, straight and white. She also had gum disease, which she had treated by a third party specialist because she was so motivated to improve her smile after so long.

We saw her for a consult and showed our existing cases and it was EXACTLY what she wanted.

She received crowns for her upper 10 teeth and lower 10 teeth with an affordable price that you can’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Watch the video to hear Kerri’s story about her smile makeover journey.

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Where Are You Located?

Value Dental Centres currently have 4 convenient locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney.

With the HUGE success of the business, we are now making plans for further expansion, with many more locations coming soon!



Level 1, 385 Macarthur Avenue,
Hamilton, QLD, 4007


Gold Coast

Shop N, 22-32 Siganto Drive,
Helensvale, 4212



Tenancy 1 – 32-34 Burwood Road,
Hawthorn, VIC, 3122



Level 7, 1 Chalmers Crescent,

Mascot, NSW, 2020

“But what if I’m not nearby and I want it now?”

If you’re not currently located close to one of our clinics, then there’s still great news! We have treated many patients from all over Australia (and New Zealand) who have commented that even with their travel and accommodation costs, we are still far more affordable than their local Dentist!

If you are travelling a considerable distance, we can also consult remotely, so that your first visit is also your last!

By booking with us, not only do you receive a world class service, you can still take advantage of the huge savings AND take some time out with a beautiful getaway!

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