Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth? Let’s Find Out!

Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth? Let’s Find Out!

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Dental Work

Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth? Let’s Find Out!

Have you ever wondered, “Does everyone get wisdom teeth?” It’s natural to have concerns about whether you will get them or not. While wisdom teeth are a common topic of conversation, their presence can vary among individuals. 

Our last two blogs focused on why we have wisdom teeth and how to know when it’s time to get them removed. Let’s delve further into the world of wisdom teeth and answer the burning question: does everyone get them?

Do We All Get Wisdom Teeth? 

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone develops wisdom teeth. Studies show that approximately 35% to 45% of the population is born without one or more wisdom teeth, and around 35% never get them. These “missing” wisdom teeth are often the result of genetic factors or evolutionary changes in our jaws. So, if you don’t have wisdom teeth, rest assured that you are not alone.

What Happens If My Wisdom Teeth Never Grow? 

If your wisdom teeth never grow, it is not uncommon and generally not a cause for concern. This condition, known as agenesis or congenitally missing wisdom teeth, is more common than you might think. 

While the absence of wisdom teeth may bring relief from potential complications, it’s important to remember that the presence or absence of these teeth does not determine the overall health of your mouth.

Common Issues with Wisdom Teeth 

For those who do develop wisdom teeth, they can sometimes cause problems. Due to inadequate space in the mouth, wisdom teeth may become impacted, meaning they fail to fully emerge or grow in the correct position. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to various issues, including pain, infection, gum disease, and damage to adjacent teeth. In such cases, wisdom teeth extraction is often recommended to prevent further complications and maintain optimal oral health.

You can read more about having your wisdom teeth removed here. 

Unveiling the Truth About Wisdom Teeth 

In the realm of wisdom teeth, the truth is that not everyone gets them. Whether you have wisdom teeth or not, it’s essential to prioritise your oral health by maintaining good dental hygiene practices.

If you have concerns about your wisdom teeth, such as their absence or potential issues, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. Our experienced team is here to guide you and provide tailored solutions to your unique dental needs.

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