If You’re Considering Dental Work, You Have To Read This!

If You’re Considering Dental Work, You Have To Read This!

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Blog, Client Story, Dental Work

We love receiving testimonials, but this one was extra special to us. If you are considering going overseas for dental work, we urge you to read this testimonial first!

I think life is too short to write reviews but I had to for these guys. I held my review back until all the work is completed, which took place over almost 4 months.

I’ve had six missing teeth (3 top and 3 bottom) for quite some time and I’ve done lot of research on getting implants done and the price.

After my personal dentist/surgeon quoted me in excess of 32K for the work, I looked at overseas options. I was in Bangkok for work some time back and visited one of their clinics which looked great. They were quoting less than 50% of my Aussie quote and everything (reviews/technology/doctors) looked great. After the initial consultation they advised that they can start the work immediately. While I was happy to go ahead, my work schedule prevented me from going ahead at the time and I was also a bit iffy about getting this done so far away from home in case something goes wrong.

When I saw Value Dental pricing that was comparable to Thailand, I was sceptical. I watched them for about a year and saw the excellent reviews were growing. Now I know why. After I decided to go ahead 4 months ago, my initial consultation was with Dr Priyesh and another Doctor for the initials scans and assessment.

They straight away advised me that my upper teeth are not suitable for implants given the close proximity to my sinuses. They recommended bridges for the upper missing teeth and implants for the lower. I was very happy with this advise as I’ve previously read about the horror stories of sinus problems after implants. Also doctors in Bangkok did not give me this advise. Of course not as they could charge more for implants. So from the first visit I was glad I am visiting an Australian practice that would give you the right advise, and would not base it on how much money they can make out of you.

After I agreed to the treatment plan my payment plan (over 30 months) was approved in 10 minutes with the help of the fabulous reception staff.

During my multiple visits, everyone from reception, Dr Priyesh (who did the Bridges), Dr Alvin (who did the implants), Dr Vicky (Restorative dentists who did the implant Crowns) were amazing. For someone working in technology and a bit of a tech geek, I could see that they use the latest technology. Add this to the highly skilled doctors they have, amazing reception staff, and the fantastic work culture they seem to have, everything work like clock work.

Also after my dental implants, in about two weeks, I experienced a bit of pain (as this was unusual according to Dr google :-)), I rang them and they immediately gave me an additional appointment with Dr Alvin who took X-rays and assured me everything was ok. He predicted the pain will subside in few days…and it did. This was the second occasion that I was glad that I did not do this work in Bangkok. I was glad I was able to go see them with short notice.

I am very satisfied with their exceptional work, however I do have one big complaint, that is they do not do general dental work. 🙂 I would have loved to have these guys as my general dental practice.

Keep up the great work team.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional Australian standard dental work at the price of overseas competitors.

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