Do You Know How Important Your Dental Health Is?

Do You Know How Important Your Dental Health Is?

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Dental Work

Do you know how important your dental health is? Dental health is essential for overall well-being. Poor dental health can cause dental cavities and other dental diseases, leading to pain, infection, and tooth loss. Good dental habits and consistent dental maintenance are the keys to healthy gums, straighter teeth, whiter teeth, longer-lasting teeth and healthy confident pain-free smiles.

The Importance of a Great Smile

A great smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. A healthy, white and straight smile can open up many opportunities in life, from social to professional aspects.

According to Henry Ford Health, smiling is important because it:

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Can strengthen your immune system
  • Makes people more likeable and approachable

Studies also show that people who smile tend to be more productive.

We Don’t Care Enough About Dental Hygiene

Despite the above-smiling facts and the importance of dental health for numerous reasons, dental hygiene is often lacking among adults. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, two-thirds of Australians who participated in a survey conducted by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) haven’t been to the dentist in two years.

Avoiding dental procedures and trying to live with dental pain is not recommended by dental professionals that can help with your dental health. 

Dental services are essential for maintaining good dental hygiene and keeping your teeth looking great!

Dental Services That Can Help Maintain Healthier Teeth

The dentists at Value Dental Centres can help you preserve a winning smile and eliminate pain with proven methods such as removing your wisdom teeth and replacing missing teeth with dental implants and dental crown placements. 

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure used to stop the third molars (wisdom teeth) from overcrowding the mouth and causing more serious dental issues. Removing wisdom teeth to maintain your dental health can prevent gum disease and infections, eliminate swelling discomfort and reduce pain related to oral care. 

Dental implants are artificial teeth that permanently replace missing teeth by using a titanium rod that is placed into the jawbone. Dental implants restore your smile with a fixed tooth that both resembles and mimics a real tooth. 

Dental crowns are a type of covering, or cap, that goes over cracked or unhealthy teeth to prolong the natural tooth’s lifespan. Not only do they help your teeth to last longer but they are made to restore the shape of your teeth resulting in an enhanced smile makeover. 

What You Can Do To Maintain Your Dental Health

At Value dental centres, we provide comprehensive dental care services including dental implants, crowns, surgical extractions and more. Additionally, cosmetic procedures such as whitening and veneers are available to enhance the appearance of your smile.

At Value Dental Centres, we are dedicated to providing dental care that is high-quality, affordable and accessible to everyone. Our dental professionals use the latest technologies and techniques to provide comprehensive dental services with a focus on prevention and education.

We strive to make dental care more convenient by offering extended hours, same-day appointments for emergency care, flexible payment options and competitive prices. With our commitment to dental health excellence combined with our friendly staff, Value Dental Centres is the perfect place for all your dental needs.

Contact us today to book your next appointment with a team of dentists who truly care about your dental hygiene and can help you save money on dental treatments.