The Wisdom Behind Wisdom Teeth and Why We Have Them

The Wisdom Behind Wisdom Teeth and Why We Have Them

by | May 15, 2023 | Blog, Dental Work

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last set of teeth to appear in our mouths. They usually start coming in during our late teens and early twenties. With most adults having at least four wisdom teeth, understanding why we have them is important.

Although wisdom teeth may seem like a nuisance to many individuals, they have a fascinating evolutionary backstory. As remnants from our ancestors’ dietary habits, these third molars provide valuable insights into our evolutionary history. While their original purpose may have diminished, wisdom teeth still occasionally serve a dental function for some individuals.

Continue reading below to find out more about why we have wisdom teeth, whether they still serve a purpose and why most people have them removed.

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

At Value Dental Centres, we understand that you may be wondering why we have wisdom teeth. The answer lies in our past. Wisdom teeth can be traced back to our early human ancestors who needed these additional molars to chew a diet of coarse and rough foods. As our diets have evolved and become softer over time, the need for these extra teeth diminished. Unfortunately, while our jaw size has changed over time, the number of teeth remains the same – leading to overcrowding in the mouth when wisdom teeth start coming in.

While the human body has not yet completely eliminated wisdom teeth from our genetic makeup, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, about 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth, suggesting an ongoing evolutionary change.

Do Wisdom Teeth Still Have a Purpose?

Yes, wisdom teeth do still have a purpose. Although wisdom teeth may not serve a vital purpose in modern humans, they can occasionally aid in the chewing process. They can help with chewing tough foods or grinding food into smaller pieces when other teeth are missing.

However, due to the limited space in many people’s mouths, wisdom teeth often become impacted or cause crowding and misalignment issues, leading to discomfort and the need for extraction.

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Having your wisdom teeth removed is an individual decision. While not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, if you are experiencing pain, crowding or any other issue caused by the presence of wisdom teeth, it may be in your best interest to have them removed.

At Value Dental Centres, we recommend seeing an oral surgeon as soon as possible if you notice any signs of discomfort or overcrowding due to wisdom teeth. Our team can help evaluate your situation and advise on whether removal is necessary for your long-term dental health.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal at Value Dental Centres

When wisdom teeth cause pain, infection, or dental complications, extraction becomes necessary. Value Dental Centres understands the importance of accessible dental care and provides affordable wisdom teeth removal services. With experienced oral surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities, Value Dental Centres offers safe and efficient wisdom teeth extraction procedures. By prioritising patient comfort and employing advanced techniques, we ensure a smooth recovery process.

If you’re considering having your wisdom teeth removed, contact us today at Value Dental Centres for a consultation with one of our experienced dentists or oral surgeons. We’ll provide the answers you need to make an informed decision about your oral health.